Friday, February 28, 2014


This brown eyed, naturally curly haired, Glamazon stands at six foot two (and a fourth). In the classroom she is the queen of her human relations kingdom, outside of school she rules over the four legged ruffian Abe. But no matter the setting, she remains a Goddess in her own right. What is it about this ethereal creature that continues to capture our attention every fourth period? Is it the endearing way in which she yells at us to "PUT AWAY [our] PHONES" while tweeting upon her own? Or is it her ability to seamlessly transition from nutritional aficionado to love life confidant that keeps us coming back for more? No matter the origin of her beauty, Reynolds remains at the top of every student's "Favorite Teachers" list. It is obvious that Reynolds also holds a dear spot in the heart of the school administration. Why else would they award her with the school's best classroom located in the best building (lets be honest, those "secret" stairwells in the south reek of axe body spray and 9th grade shame).  Complete with an overly equipped kitchen, two massive walk-in closets, and primo access to BYOD wifi, room de Reynolds is heaven on Earth. Reynolds has managed to create a world of her own; a world that only the luckiest of individuals are allowed to enter.  I remember the day I first took the journey down the winding labyrinth that is Reynolds' entrance way and laid eyes upon her. From the very start Rey-Rey came in like a wrecking ball. A wave of utter fear and excitement washed over me, and to this day, I still feel that same surge of terror and enthusiasm whenever I am given the opportunity to speak face to face with this alluring being. And perhaps that is what makes Reynolds an excellent educator. Teachers can usually be sorted into two categories: ones you would say "Hi" to while perusing the local Wal-mart, and the ones you would dive head first into the nearest aisle to avoid. Yet Reynolds defies both of these categories. Reynolds is a teacher that is sought after. Whether she's wheelin and dealin through the halls or ridin' dirty in her escalade, students will risk their LIVES to catch her attention. You want to be able to call her a friend. At the same time, you would never want to cross her. Reynolds effectively instills fear into her students, she'll have you laughing at her latest classroom faux pas one moment and then having you crying surrounded by the flames of a raging grease fire the next.  Reynolds is the epitome of a top notch high school teacher. She rules her classroom with a beautifully manicured iron fist and radiates sunshine throughout the halls of BHS. I mean what other teacher is an ACTUAL heiress to a railroad? That being said, I would like to ask my peers to rally round in the fight to alter the school rules. No longer will prom king and queen be reserved for high school seniors. If there is anyone deemed worthy enough to be considered the "Queen of BHS", it is A. Reynolds.



*disclaimer: considering the fact that legal proceedings are still in session, this post in no way blames Reynolds for the aforementioned 2012 grease fire debacle...but come on now*